BAB Boca Bag Sun LG

BAB Boca Bag Sun LG

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a new kind of bag

Did you ever go to the beach and you sit just a little too close to the water and that one big wave comes up and gets all your stuff wet?  Well, with our BuildABagg, there is no worry. Our baggs are made out of EVA material (think croc shoes). This material is what makes the bag waterproof, durable and extremely easy to care for. 

 These bags are great for the beach, pool, lake, boat and grocery shopping. Water does not get in or out.  The material is sturdy, so the bag does not tip over.  The unique bottom design prevents the bag from slipping on wet surfaces.  They are extremely easy to clean.  Just wipe or hose down with water.  That's what makes them so great for grocery shopping.  If anything spills inside, just wipe dry.

 The bag measures 18.5" long, 13" high and 9 " wide. There is enough room to fit all your essentials. It comes with a waterproof canvas pocket liner that has one large zipper pocket and two smaller outer pockets to hold money, keys, glasses, etc.

A canvas inside pocket is available as an add on

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